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Patrol Services International (PSI) is a private security business committed to closing the gap between law enforcement and security by providing targeted patrols in your community. PSI has the experience, manpower and technology to supply you with the finest security services available. Our on-demand officer presence is a dedicated and powerful alternative for safeguarding the our rapidly growing communities. All PSI's officers are highly trained and State Certified. Most have military or police department experience.


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We are ready to protect and serve 24/7

We are all concerned about the safety of our communities, homes and businesses.  You can be a part of the solution with this unique franchise opportunity that gives you the chance to protect and serve those in your community.


Patrol Services International gives you the opportunity to take responsibility for your financial future while also supporting you in helping to protect others in your community.  Patrol Services International specializes in security, patrol, prisoner transport, money transfer, personal protection, parking enforcement, civil standby and related services with one ultimate goal... to deter criminal activity in our communities.


Patrol Services International offers the most proactive security available in your area. It's a sad truth that a good deal of funding has been cut for police departments. Because of the budget cuts, critical police services are being reduced or even eliminated, which leads to an increase in crime. PSI's professional staff is able to restore these valuable services to its clients.


What makes Patrol Services International Unique?

Patrol Services International hires only the best professionally trained officers, many with either police and/or military backgrounds or extensive professional security experience.  Furthermore, only the best technology, equipment and vehicles are utilized in the delivery of service.  Not only are Patrol Services International personnel and equipment state of the art, but their standards are the highest around.  In fact, Patrol Services International standards and level of services goes far beyond that of the typical "security guard" companies.


Patrol Services International strives to deliver the best possible services while upholding the highest ethical business and security practices in the industry.  Customer satisfaction is Patrol Services International top priority as our mission is to provide a sense of safety and security to our clients and our clients' interests.


Training and Support

The thorough initial training for a Patrol Services International franchisee includes five days of intensive training; minimum 16 hours of field training, plus classroom and independent study which covers all aspects of a Patrol Services International business.  This training is conducted both at the home office as well as a customized training and support at your local franchise facility.




Franchise Summary

Franchise Opportunities in Columbus and Dayton, OH
Minimum Net Worth $200,000
Franchise Fee $39,000
Cash Investment $75,000+
Total Investment $109,500 - $233,500