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Ice Gallery

North American Distributor/Franchisor Opportunity


Ice Gallery is located in Athens, Greece and specializes exclusively in the field of ice sculptures. They are the only company in the world which is a producer of high-quality crystal-clear ice sculptures and a manufacturer of proprietary equipment, special reusable molds and illuminated displays for the production and presentation of crystal-clear ice sculptures. We have a very long experience in crystal clear ice sculptures and we design, develop and manufacture our own equipment and molds.

The business of crystal clear ice sculptures is a very profitable venture, as the only raw material you need to produce high quality stunning crystal clear ice sculptures is plain tap water. Furthermore, you don’t need any special skills as the production machines are almost fully automatic.

Ice Gallery is the only company in the world that is both a producer of high quality crystal clear ice sculptures and a manufacturer of unique and proprietary equipment and molds for the production of crystal clear ice sculptures.

Production Machines for Crystal Clear Ice Sculptures, Reusable Freezer Molds and Illuminated Displays…. everything you need for your small business for high quality ice sculptures…we have it all. If you want to start a new franchise business and you want a really great business idea the only road to success is Ice Gallery.

Sculpt your way into Profit with an 85% margin!


  * Proprietary and unique technology

  * No direct competition

  * Exclusive North American territories available



Take a quick look at the business operations and some awe inspiring ice sculptures.

Your imagination is your only limit!


Franchisor Summary
Minimum Net Worth $1,000,000


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